About Ginkgo

  Located in Southern California, Ginkgo Flooring is perfectly situated and dedicated to serving our exclusive list of Retail Flooring Partners. Our Founder has upheld her family's philosophy of treating everyone fairly and with respect, promoting a company culture motivated by kindness, giving her team the tools and opportunities to excel and at the same time, providing Customers with exclusivity, a product and a price structure designed to be a win-win for everyone.  
  If you are a developer, builder, owner-builder, architect or designer with a project you need help with, please call or write to us about your project. We will be happy to connect you with a Ginkgo Flooring Partner near you. 

Our Vision and Mission   


  Our Vision is to be the flooring industry's most customer-centric company and to manufacture a real wood flooring product that is sustainable, unique, beautiful and affordable. 


  We shall endeavor to build the best product possible while causing no unnecessary harm to our environment, wildlife or to human life during the course of growing, harvesting, manufacturing, shipping and the use of our products.


  Our Mission is clear, and it declares our purpose as a company; to be responsible for every decision and action throughout every process, everyday.




Real wood Real Life 

  We work and play under a real sun, in a real ocean, on real sandy beaches, on real snow, in real forests...why then, would we choose to live on artificial wood flooring?